Hi, I'm Mario Kaiser. I'm a Berlin based self-taught programmer, indie game designer and wannabe writer.

This blog is called FRGMNTS because I believe that the fragment is the only form of writing I'm capable of without feeling like a complete and utter fraud. The fragment is a bit like my view of the world, which is but a series of momentary, fleeting glimpses of something too complex and chaotic to ever grasp in a way that comes close to something whole. And if my view of the world is nothing but a series of fleeting fragments, my writing has to be as well.

A note on language: I write this blog in English even though my native language is German. I see myself as a global citizen and as such I want to communicate to as many of my fellow citizens as possible; and while it may be disputable whether English is the best way to do that, it's definitely the best at my disposal. Feel free to point out any mistakes you find, and I will gladly correct them.

If you want to contact me, you can do so at any of the social media below or send me an email.