A Penny for Your Thoughts

by Mario Kaiser
updated September 21, 2022
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After getting a sandwich and a coffee to go, he went across the square to find a nice place to sit and enjoy the rising spring sun. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted a penny on the concrete.

As he continued his leisurely stroll, he found himself questioning whether he should have picked it up. He wasn't particularly superstitious and also felt that he wouldn't need any extra luck, him already being in a good place and all.

But did not picking it up mean bad luck potentially? Would he maybe regret not having picked it up if something bad were to happen to him later that day? He pondered the thought for a few more steps before giving in and turning back to get it, just to be safe.

As he bowed down to pick up the penny his coffee cup slipped out of his left hand, fell to the floor and emptied its hot content with a sloshing sound on the pavement, engulfing the penny. The penny sat heads up in a pool of coffee and looked at him.