List: Games to Play with Bae

by Mario Kaiser
updated September 21, 2022

I consider myself a connaisseur of computer games. The question comes up regularly, both on and offline: which are best to to play with your partner? Which games are best to introduce your non-gamer significant other into that world you care so much about? Without further ado, here are my recommendations, all battle-tested and chosen because certain aspects of these games make them particularly apt to play with non-gamers:

Trine 1-3 (opens new window) A beautiful co-op platformer, where you need to work together to solve puzzles. It's got lots of eye-candy, and it's not stressful at all.

Minecraft (opens new window) Minecraft is very suitable for non-gamers because it doesn't have an objective: core games usually completely stress out non-gamers with all their demands. In Minecraft, you can just be and do whatever.

Don't Starve Together (opens new window) This one is brutal: you're going to die. A lot. But somehow this game manages to be both horrifying and insanely cute. Definitely bae-approved. I'd recommend Minecraft first though, to get used to the survival aspect.

Portal 2 (opens new window) Incredibly funny first-person puzzler. The co-op mode makes it a very good fit for this list. After playing through the co-op campaign together, I've watched bae complete the single-player campaign on her own.

For The King (opens new window) I'd say this one crosses the line from casual to core game because of the complicated mechanics; but it manages to conceal it so well below good controls and a simplified and cute art style.