Read This: Evgeny Mozorov

by Mario Kaiser
updated September 21, 2022

I've recently discovered Evgeny Mozorov writes a column for the Guardian, most of which I've instantly devoured because I'm a huge fan of his work after reading The Net Delusion (opens new window), a brilliant albeit very sobering book about how the internet will not magically save our societies, which I also recommend reading by the way.

Anyway reading the Guardian columns I discovered a gem which I can't but share: It's called "It's not enough to break up Big Tech. We need to imagine a better alternative" (opens new window) and instead of summing it up, I'll just offer a quote:

Hence, we arrive at today’s paradoxical outcome, whereby 99% of technological disruption is there to merely ensure that nothing of substance gets disrupted at all. Pathology persists – we just adapt to it better, with sensors, maps, AI, and – why not? – quantum computing. The real gospel of today’s Big Tech – sanctioned and celebrated by governments – is innovation for the sake of conservation.
Such programs might be launched and celebrated under the banner of “digital transformation” but, in reality, they imply very little conscious and guided social transformation at all. Rather, what is sold under that label is the very opposite idea, ie the notion that individuals and institutions need to adapt to – not to transform – the technological world around them. As preached today, “digital transformation” is all about transforming institutions and individuals to match the seemingly unchangeable social conditions – not the other way around.

I heartily recommend any of his work, except if you had a horrible day maybe. In that case find a cute animal to pet and have a cup of tea. In all other cases, go read this guy.