Read This: Factfulness

by Mario Kaiser
updated September 21, 2022

Factfulness (opens new window) by the amazing Hand Rosling (of whom I'm a fan as you maybe know), his son Ola Rosling and his daughter-in-law Anna Rosling Rönnlund is not just one of the most brilliant books I've ever read, it also establishes a worldview that could and should be the standard all over the world.

It evokes an understanding of the world which is first and foremost based on facts. That in turn has many positive side effects: calming us for example because we're can no longer be manipulated by people who might gain an advantage by us not seeing the world clearly or by us being tricked into not thinking critically.

Even though I would have described myself as a scientific mind and as intellectually humble, I was amazed at how much prejudice and outdated views I was carrying around with me until reading this book.

In the form of several "instincts" the authors describe different ways in which we tend to (mis)understand the world — and how those instincts are abused on a daily basis. And going through life being able to spot these manipulation attempts is refreshingly relieving. I cannot recommend this book enough. So what you waiting for! Read this!