Watch this: Hit & Miss

by Mario Kaiser
updated September 21, 2022

I consider myself a devourer of televised entertainment. As such, I have watched shitloads of series and only very few of them leave a lasting impression like the 6-episode mini-series Hit & Miss did.

Hit & Miss

It's about Mia, a transsexual who happens to be a hitwoman and is kind of in-between genders when she finds out that she's actually a dad with an eleven year old son. His mother has recently died, leaving the transsexual hitwoman's son and his three siblings in dire need of a guardian. Hit & Miss tells the story of Mia assuming this role while juggling the everyday life of an assassin and a complicated love life.

Take Léon: The Professional, subtract the man-child and add a fierce, beaten, angry, loving and caring transsexual and you've got Hit & Miss. Oh and did I mention that the series manages to perfectly balance the protagonist's crime career with the mundane, everyday things that are life, no matter what or where you are? Also: Chloë Sevigny! It's a visceral, brutal, disgusting, amiable, passionate and thrilling piece of entertainment, so go and watch this (opens new window).