Our Millenial Mission

by Mario Kaiser
updated September 21, 2022

There's a lot going on in the world. Much of it is wrong. I don't know how it feels for you, but me and my peers talk about it. A lot. I wouldn't even call myself a particularly political person, and I think neither are many of my friends really – but we definitely care about what's happening, about our world, about our future.

We're not happy with it. We don't like how so much is still so wrong in this world, against our better knowledge. We're aware of the fact that it's very difficult to change things, to shake up systems which have grown into place over decades and metastasized to every last corner of our reality. And we're also aware that things are changing all the same, wether we see it or not (thanks to Hans Rosling for example).

But if I know anything about my generation, it's that we're hungry. We're impatient. We want it all: we want to live like there's no tomorrow, we want to eat, talk, love, travel, work, party, drink, fuck, laugh, dance. We want to inhale the entire world and get as high on life as we possibly can. And we want it today, we want it now. Why? Because we know we can. Because we see the entire world at a moment's notice. Because we see the all the endless possibilities of life.

And for the exact same reason we want justice in the world. For the same reason we don't want people to go hungry, or not get an education or get a worse chance at an education than anyone else. Because we know we have the means to do so: we could build a world of true equality, of true fairness. We Millenials might want it all: but we don't want it for ourselves. We've learned that money doesn't ultimately make you happy. We don't want more of it for ourselves, but more of it to go 'round.

We've been a fairly quiet generation so far. We neither put heads on spikes, nor did we run around naked and high as kites (at least not in huge groups). We've tried to find a way for us in a world that's largely ruled by people about twice our age or more. But the thing is: I for one don't want to wait until I'm sixty for the world I want to live in, to wait for old habits to die hard.

And that's why I think we Millenials have a mission: to not just take over like every generation does at some point, but to use the spirit of our generation to shape a world that's a bit more like us, a world which cares, which wants to share and be shared, a world which doesn't look the other way. To speak up and tell the world what we think of it and what we want of it.

We're the first generation in the history of humanity to be truly connected: and our possibilities for collaboration, growth and transcendence are virtually unlimited. And the beauty of it: if only we think and talk about it enough, change ensues. We don't need to put heads on spikes: we just have to stand united in our hunger. We have to say what we want. And even if thinking and saying it isn't enough: it's a mandatory first step anyway. So what do you think? What do you want? Go ahead and tell the world!