Read This: Utopia Lost

by Mario Kaiser
updated September 21, 2022

Utoria Lost: The Case for Radical Technological Optimism (opens new window) is an essay by Dale Beran which I haven't managed to read until now because it's maybe the longest text I've ever read in one piece on a computer screen. It also is the finest piece of political writing I've read in years – and I implore you to read it, too. For the majority not immediately swayed by my personal judgement I have quick summary:

At a first glance, the overall topic of the essay seems to be Trump, but because Beran quite accurately analyzes the world we currently live in as well as its historical roots, the essay is about far more than that: it is an eloquent call for the the global political left to renounce liberalism, embrace radicalism and to accept that the only way forward is by creating a "positive alternative vision" for our future, instead of endlessly complaining about the right's populism or tweaking capitalism by "working the liberal pressure valve". Beran predicts that "technological advancements will remake the world again whether we plan for it or not", but that we can "use politics to direct it away from the Far Right’s cruel vision of conflict and towards an optimistic, cooperative, Enlightenment-based, socialist society."

And I could not agree more; and even if you don't, you should read this (opens new window).